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Why This Matters

Police Brutality

Police Brutality towards people of color (POC), specifically black individuals, has been a longstanding issue in the United States. Every week new headlines read "Black man murdered" or "Black woman murdered" or even "Black child murdered." This is not okay. It is time that we stand up and hold police officers accountable for unlawful murders. In many instances we have seen that officers employ excessive force during these instances. These events shed light unto a larger issue in our nation--the issue of race and the division of our nation in relation to racial indifferences. 

Black Lives Matter Movement

We are living through the same scenes, decades apart. Protests, fury, anger are spilling out in America and around the world due to police brutality, discrimination, and inequality. This year alone too many black individuals have lost their lives at the hands of police officers. As a result of the injustices in 2020, the Black Lives Matter Movement was further fueled in hopes of justice--justice, liberty, and equality for all, but specifically black individuals. The movement hopes to defund police organizations around the nation, hold those accountable who have murdered black individuals, policy reform in favor of POC, and justice for all. Black Lives Matter now and forever.

What We Can Do

In order to change the system that has failed us we must come together and use our voices to create a collective voice. We must step aside and let people of color voice their opinions; we must use our platforms for their words to be heard; we must VOTE; we must educate others around us; we must have difficult conversations with those around us; we must protest; we must create art for the greater good; we must be righteous humans.

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